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Berkin Güzel Enerji A.Ş. is engaged in cleaning oil storage tanks with its self developed Electro Chemical Reaction Steam Generator Technology and thus provides for a high rate of recovery.

The R&D works have been completed for our outstanding technology which is 100 % environment friendly.

The technology causes absolutely no harm to human health since no chemicals are used during operation and since the system is completely unmanned. It covers the whole spectrum of safety standards and its operation time is brief.

Berkin Oil Tank Cleaning Systems (OTCS) is safe, effective and innovative tank cleaning solutions provides for hydrocarbon recovery between the range of 95 to 97%.

Berkin Oil Tank Cleaning Systems with its international high safety standards performs your oil storage tank cleaning in a world-wide setting under all kinds of climatic conditions considering your specific needs.

We provide low costs and shorter durations in tank cleaning procedures with our proprietary and self developed unique unmanned technology.

The methods used by its experienced staff are safe, healthy and in conformity with the environmental standards.

We present you with the most suitable solution for both stationary and floating tanks without using any chemicals and humans for the lower costs and shorter durations.